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Young Women Use Sugar Daddy App to Experience the High Life

Lots of girls dream of a glamorous lifestyle, but not everyone can live one – unless you’re a user at dating app Seeking Arrangements.


Lots of girls dream of a glamorous lifestyle, but not everyone can live one – unless you’re a user at dating app Seeking Arrangements.

Seeking Arrangements is a sugar daddy dating app which introduces young women to wealthy men. Registered users of the app were mostly students and part-time workers who wanted some extra cash. The website has seen a drastic increase in its users last year, with registration figures boasting a whopping 40% increase for the past year. However, despite the huge increase in user registration, the actual count of young women who have gone on dates with older men is not clear, since some might have multiple registered accounts.

A quick visit to the dating site showed that Founder and CEO Brandon Wade commits to “operate our business ethically. This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots“.

In an interview with BBC, one user has divulged that although registration to the website is free, women still have to achieve a certain set of standards for them to avail of the service. However, one worry about the dating site is its being a possible avenue for prostitution, since registered users on the site are very open about sex.

The site is receiving mixed reviews, with some choosing to side with the site, while others chose to find the humor in the situation.

Source: Inquisitr


Clever Shop Owner Fights Back Armed Robbers Using an Improvised Flamethrower!

Bold and smart: The owner tried to scare the crooks away using a can of fly spray and a cigarette lighter.

Queensland, Australia---a clever and brave shop owner named Dan Rigney defended his store from two armed robbers using an unconventional weapon: a makeshift flamethrower.

Apparently, two men wearing balaclavas stormed through the doors of IGA X-press at Alexandra Hills one morning. Fortunately, Rigney, who was then behind the counter, has the ability to think on his feet. He grabbed a can of fly spray and a cigarette lighter; thus, instantly equipping himself with a flamethrower, which he used to keep the muggers at a distance.

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What Lunch Time Looks Like Inside a School Cafeteria In Japan

The 45-minute lunch time in Japan is also an educational and fun period for the students.

Students always look forward to lunch time because it is their chance to relax and replenish lost energy. What students usually do during this time is find a good spot in the cafeteria, hang out with friends, eat, laugh, and play if there is still time.

However, in an elementary school in Saitama, Japan, that is not the case. Lunch time is also an educational period, where students are taught values no books could teach.

Everyone has a responsibility. There are those assigned to get the food from the canteen and serve classmates, and there are those assigned to clean up after lunch.

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This Backyard Fight Club is the Neighborhood’s Way to Settle Disputes Among Its Residents

These guys are getting their Tyler Durden on.

Normally, disputes between neighbors are settled diplomatically through meetings and interventions. There's nothing wrong with this at all and if you'd ask me, it's the best way to fix issues. No one gets hurt and peace is restored in the neighborhood. But this guy doesn't believe that merely talking through the problem is enough so he came up with a way to settle disputes the Fight Club way.

Chris Wilmore of Harrisonburg, Virgina took cues from Tyler Durden and friends and founded Streetbeefs, which is a form of a real-life fight club that settles disputes via good old fashioned fist-fighting. Wilmore, who was a former convict, was emotionally traumatized in 2013 when his close friend was shot to death on Christmas Eve. Known around the neighborhood as Scarface, he decided to come up with a way to end gun violence in his community.

Wilmore organized Streetbeefs, a real-life fight club that aims to settle disputes.

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