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Studio Ghibli Theme Park To Open In 2022, Hayao Miyazaki Inspired Concept Art Revealed

Ghibli Park is currently being constructed in Nagoya, Japan!


Hayao Miyazaki fans are in for a treat. A Studio Ghibli theme park is expected to open in 2022. Not surprisingly, the concept art for the highly anticipated park will take your breath away.

The theme park was originally set to open in Nagoya, Japan in 2020. However, Ghibli Park has been given a later opening date in 2022. In the meantime, structures are being built at the Expo 2005 Aichi Commemorative Park in Nagakute City. While we wait, Aichi Prefecture revealed some of the breathtaking concept art for the Studio Ghibli theme park.

The concept art stays true to Miyazaki’s distinct color palette.

The Youth Hill Area

Source: Aichi/Ghibli
The theme park is guaranteed to thrill children and adults alike.

Source: Aichi/Ghibli
The Ghibli Large Warehouse Area

Source: Aichi/Ghibli

The park’s main gate will feature a recreation of Howl’s Moving Castle as well as the antique shop from Whisper of the Heart. In addition to that, Ghibli Park will have several attractions inspired by Miyazaki’s works for the famed animation studio.

One area will be called the Big Ghibli Warehouse where fans can find small cinemas, exhibit areas, and play areas for visitors of all ages. If you love the outdoors, you’ll enjoy the Mononoke Village from Princess Mononoke.

Looking for something whimsical and magical at the same time? Witch Valley will take notes from Howl’s Moving Castle and the beloved Kiki’s Delivery Service. Flying broomsticks have not yet been confirmed but that’s another attraction fans are hoping to find.

The Mononoke’s Village Area

Source: Aichi/Ghibli
Ghibli Park is currently in the works and should be open to the public by 2022.

Source: Aichi/Ghibli
The Dondoko Forest Area

Source: Aichi/Ghibli

The Expo 2005 location is certainly an ideal place for the Studio Ghibli theme park. After all, they have already built a replica of the house in My Neighbor Totoro 13 years ago. Not surprisingly, the same area will be dubbed Dondoko Forest, an awesome reference to Mei and Satsuki’s dance in the animated flick.

It will still take a long time before Ghibli Park is completed. Nevertheless, Miyazaki fans believe that it will be well worth the wait. There is little doubt that the Studio Ghibli theme park will be one of Japan’s biggest tourist spots in the next few years.

See more of the amazing concept art below:

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