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Studies Show Guys Spend More Time Grooming Than Women





Now it can be told. Men take longer grooming and getting prepped in the morning when compared to women. This is according to a survey done by blog Grooming Lounge and, a health and wellness site. A total of 400 men and women were surveyed and seventy-one percent of the 400 guys said they spent more time grooming in the morning than their women counterpart.

Studies show guys spend more time in the bathroom than women.

Studies show guys spend more time in the bathroom than women.

The seventy-one percent mentioned they spent thirty minutes grooming compared to the sixty-three percent of women respondents. Women were still among those who spent a long amount of time, between one to two hours, in the bathroom. The survey however, did not mention anything about what exactly the guys were doing in the bathroom. The questions revolved mostly on how long it took them in the morning to get ready.

Hair grooming took the lead for the guys when they answered that they take at least one to three hours a month to get their hair groomed by a hairstylist. The women respondents were only at a surprising thirty nine percent despite the fact that there has been an increase in the number of barbershops and salons. One of the reasons why guys may take longer hours in barbershops could be because shorter ‘dos take quite a lot of time fixing and styling. Part of what women did for personal grooming included spa treatments or getting a manicure.

Hair grooming is high up on the list of guys.

Hair grooming is high up on the list of guys.

Source: smwright

The increase in the number of men taking time in getting prepared in the morning could be attributed to the constant lifestyle changes and the idea of looking good all of the time. While women would still rather invest their money on looks, the guys are pretty much okay with how they look, according to the survey results. Only seven percent of the guys would actually consider investing in personal care when compared to the women.

Just because we’re curious, we’d like to know how long it takes you to get prepared in the morning. Let us know in the comments box.

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