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Colorful Glitter Balls is the Latest Fashion Trend for Dogs

The said trend has sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

  • Pet owners are now putting glitters on their dog-balls as an added “bling-bling”.
  • This latest fashion trend was noticed by North Carolina-based Royal Paws Pet Salon.
  • Owners should not be worried because the glitters are edible, so it is safe for your dogs to lick their testicles.
  • Netizens, however, has had mixed reactions about it.

Apparently, there is now a strange new grooming trend for dogs and, as you’ve read in the headline, it’s all about decorating doggie testicles with colorful glitters. Needless to say, the new trend has caused mixed reactions from netizens with some loving the idea while others are feeling pity for the dogs.

Royal Paws Pet Salon in North Carolina spotted several photos of glittered dog-balls from Groomery Foolery on Facebook. The said account shared the latest grooming idea by dipping Valo’s balls in fancy-looking glitters.

“I have seen so many things in this career. Very few things surprise me. Yet here I sit looking at glitter dog balls,” Groomer Fooler said in its caption.

The page also added that the ornaments were done by using corn syrup and edible glitters.

“Those are some sweet balls,” it added.

Upon reading the “sweet balls” caption, however, some dog lovers were not happy about it and called out Groomer Fooler for being “irresponsible” and “abusive” against the dogs.

A Facebook comment from user Beryl Sanders said that those who put corn syrup and glitters on dog’s scrotum need professional help.

Floyd Cur, on the other hand, finds it “creepy.”

Linda Kent also took her time to express her displeasure about the new trend.

Meanwhile, there are also those who found the post funny. For example, Cherish Benford-Cochran wittily said that if the dog would lick their own testicles, then we “might as well make them tasty”.

Laura Louise said that she plans having her dog’s balls dipped in glitters on Christmas day, calling it “Jingle Balls.”

Another one said she plans to stick some green glitters on her dog on Christmas Day or even on St. Patrick’s day.

In Groomery Foolery’s defense, they pointed out that the materials they use – such as sugar glitters – are not abusive to animals.

The page further emphasized that what’s abusive is when owners allow their dogs to be obese or do not make the effort to regularly bring their dogs to the veterinarian.

“As much as I find the angry people ridiculous, I also think you all need to really evaluate what abuse is…the dog had temporary sugar balls. He’s fine. Go actually shave a matted dog and help save a life.” Groomery Foolery challenged.


“Strong Sperm” In Public Pools Could Get Ladies Pregnant, Claims Indonesian Official

Not surprisingly, the official ended up getting bashed by netizens.

  • An Indonesian official warned ladies that swimming in a public pool with men may result to pregnancy.
  • She claims "the indestructible sperm" released by "sexually-excited men" in pools get ladies pregnant even without penetration.
  • Memes about her "ridiculous claim circulated"on Indonesian social media and the public asked the government to fire her.

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Flat-Earther Dies After Attempting To Launch Himself in a Homemade Rocket

“It was always his dream to do this launch.”

  • Daredevil and flat-earther Michael Hughes died last February 22, 2020 after launching himself in a self-made rocket.
  • His death was captured on film by Science Channel as they were filming him for the show Homemade Astronauts.

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Heartbreaking Video Shows Bullied Kid With Dwarfism Begging Mom For Rope To Kill Himself

Often bullied for his height, the boy already wants to end his life.

  • Quaden Bayles, 9, has often been bullied at school.
  • The 9-year-old boy from Brisbane, Australia was born with dwarfism.
  • In a viral video, the kid can be seen in tears, telling his mom he wants to end his life because of all the bullying.

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