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London Plumber Earns More Than The Prime Minister With £210,000 A Year!

Who knew plumbing could be this lucrative?!


Ask any child about his or her career goal and you’d probably never hear about plumbing. Most youngsters want to be doctors, lawyers, and painters, if not astronauts and scientists, or other professions.

While all those choices are perfectly fine, there also isn’t anything wrong about working as a plumber. Just ask Stephen Fry who has been fixing pipes for years now and guess what? He earns a mind-blowing amount of cash each year – and he doesn’t even have to work during weekends!

Stephen Fry earns way more than the Prime Minister.

In a recent interview, the London-based plumber revealed that he wons a property in one of London’s most popular locations and spends his holidays in the Maldives. How is he able to afford all that, you say? Well, he makes £210,000 (US$293,000) every year – which is obviously a bigger amount compared with the Prime Minister’s annual salary of £150,402 (US$209,000).

All from doing the ‘dirty’ work.

A self-employed worker for Pimlico Plumbers, 34-year-old Stephen Fry said he is usually on call 58 hours a week but doesn’t accept jobs on weekends.

Of course, Stephen was quick to confess the work is not easy at all. He shared:

“It can drain you, not intending any pun. I am one of Pimlico’s best paid plumbers, but also one of the most tired.”

Once in his life, he was jobless and took on apprenticeship.

Stephen was 17 years old at the time and the 4-year apprenticeship meant he’ll only earn £100 every week. He persevered and after completing it, he established his own business and later started working with Pimlico Plumbers.

These days, his schedule is typically from 8am to 6pm during weekdays. Aside from that, he’s also available on call overnight every Monday and Tuesday.

Stephen now lives in a Kensington property with Frace, his wife, and 13-year-old son Oliver.

While his job isn’t easy, he sure loves every minute of it.

As he said in an interview:

“Every day is fun. You can go to a place where some woman has water gushing through the ceilings and is crying, so it’s a nice feeling when you stop the water and make her happy.

“I can’t really see myself stopping any time soon, to be honest. I enjoy my work. I’m a worker. I’ll be working till I drop, I think. On a Friday night, when people ask if I want to go for a beer, I am shattered. So it’s straight home to the family.”

Time to consider a career change and move to London, folks!


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