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They were Invited to a Get-Together. They Didn’t Know it was Their Own Funeral!





Driving is regarded differently by different people. Some see it as a tool for convenience, whilst other see it as thrill adventure. Speed driving have increasingly come to our awareness as numerous accidents and killings have been reported all around the world. It is a social issue that can claim the lives of our loved ones, and hence should be given importance and utmost attention.

In this video, several speed drivers were invited to supposedly hang out with friends. What they didn’t know was that they are going to their own funeral – there was a complete setup, with family and friends present. The eulogies were powerful, and the reactions of the “dead” were so touching.

Watch the video here:

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From the makers of the video:

“Virtually no one feels it is dangerous to drive a few km/h faster than the maximum speed limit. However, even this “slight” speeding kills and injures hundreds of people every year. And we tend to ignore the many lives of people close to us that are devastated as well. To slow down their loved ones before it is too late, people in this film set up an unusual wake-up call. They invited their speeding friend or family member to their own funeral. The emotional reality check was caught on (hidden) camera.”

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Credits: Go For Zero

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