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Amazing Girl Designs Her Own Prom Dress From Pop Tabs

The dress is gorgeous, it’s hard not to notice her.


While some girls want to dress up nicely with elegant long dresses or sparkly gowns to prom, one girl wanted to stand out by designing a unique prom dress.

She did achieve her goal of standing out as you will be surprised at how elegant her dress is.

And the material she used to come up with a prom dress – those soda pop tabs you usually throw out once you open a can of soda.

When you first look at the dress, you’d think that its sparkles come from sequins, but they’re actually from the aluminum tabs.


The teen was inspired by her favorite cartoons when she was still in 8th grade.


Although soda can pull tabs are also for sale on some online shopping websites, this girl saved them all up and a total of 6,238 tabs were used to make her prom dress.



Making the dress didn’t come with struggles. She had to redo her sewing a few times just so the dress would fit her right. It took a lot of time to complete the design, but you have to admit the result is just remarkable.

With her creativity and effort, she managed to stand out and it would be hard not to notice her.





She was interviewed by the media for her stunning gown, which she totally rocked at prom.

She may have succeeded in being a head turner that night, but she admitted that she did feel uncomfortable when sitting.

Imagine having all those thousands of soda tabs sewn together into a long dress that weight 4 pounds. It’s just impressive how this teen can be so creative. Who needs chic and expensive prom gown when you can be unique and make your own design from whatever material you can think of?

H/T: LittleThings

Home & DIY

30 Cool Storage Ideas For Your Small Apartment

Here’s how you make the most of your limited space!

Keeping your stuff neat and organized can be particularly challenging if you are living in a small apartment.

Space is always an issue and, most of the time, your only options would either be to get rid of your clutter or, you know, simply get used to it.

Just leave your stuff on the floor or whatever. Who cares, right? Just clean them up when your friends are coming over or something.

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Your Ultimate Lunchbox Guide: 10 Tips in Choosing The Best Midday Meal Containers

Your kids will thank you. You’ll thank yourself, too.

For many people, lunch is an essential meal. Especially if you skip breakfast and rely on that midday pick-me-up to refuel your body and get you ready to face the afternoon. And more importantly, to save money on takeouts by packing your own lunch.

If you are looking to purchase a good lunch container for yourself or for your kids, this 10-step guide will be useful in ensuring the noon meal you prepare makes it through half a day without spoiling, leaking, wilting, or looking like something the cat dragged in from the garbage.

The ultimate lunch pack is comprised of the main food box, a water bottle or juice container, and the lunch container which holds the previous two items. Here is a checklist of the best qualities you need to look for in the optimal lunch kit:

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Innovative Couple Creates an Ingenious Solution to Keep Their House Warm During Winters

With the help of Swedish eco-architect Bengt Warne, the couple turned their house into a warm and comfortable sanctuary even when it’s freezing outside.


Nordic winters are notorious for being harsh and unbearable and Swedish couple Charles Sacilotto and Marie Granmar has finally had enough of it. To save energy during the frosty winter months, the couple has decided to build a greenhouse around their home. With the help of Swedish eco-architect Bengt Warne, the couple turned their house into a warm and comfortable sanctuary even when it's freezing outside.

The couple's house was built on the principle of architect Bengt Warne's naturhaus, or nature house in English. The external structure of the house is made up of panes of glass, which can keep the temperatures inside warm enough to grow vegetables even in winter. The house also uses natural solar power for heat, which helps save a huge chunk of money meant for their electricity bill. Aside from these eco-friendly benefits, the house is also independent from the city sewer.

Watch the video below for the complete details about this lovely and eco-friendly home:

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