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Smoothie King Employee Fired After Naming Asian Customer ‘Jackie Chan’ On Receipt

“I find this very insulting.. and the three employees working couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

  • An employee of Smoothie King employee has recently been fired after referring to an Asian customer as “Jackie Chan” on a receipt.
  • The Korean customer, who is Korean, was with his kids at the store.
  • Shockingly, this isn’t the only racist incident to happen at a Smoothie King store.

Smoothie King has come under fire after an employee made fun of a customer on its receipt. The customer, who is Korean, shared that the employee in its North Carolina store wrote “Jackie Chan” instead of his name.

Tony Choi wrote a post on Facebook to share about the incident. He said that he decided to share his receipt because he believed that what the employee did was unnecessary.

Choi wrote:

“I was just in this Smoothie King with my kids. Instead of asking for my name. Zack H. thought it would be funny to put ‘Jackie Chan’ as my name. Being Korean, I find this very insulting. But the three employees working there at the time couldn’t stop laughing about it.”

He added that although he had experienced racism before, this one definitely takes the cake. Choi was so upset with the incident but he tried his best not to feel that way in front of his children because all they wanted was to enjoy their meal as a family.

Moreover, we learn that this isn’t the only racist incident to have happened at a store in Smoothie King. An African American customer at another location shared that the name listed on his receipt was the “n-word.”

Calvin Caldwell said that he felt disrespected, especially because he’s a paying, loyal customer. He noted that “it was in bad taste and completely inappropriate to use that kind of language.”

Smoothie King was left with no choice but to shut two stores after the incidents. Both employees have since fired.


Doctors Find Hundreds Of Bubble Tea Pearls In Teen’s Stomach

If you’re obsessed with bubble tea, you might think twice after reading this.

  • A 14-year-old Chinese girl was hospitalized after she was constipated for five days.
  • She said she couldn’t eat, had stomach pains, and experienced other symptoms.
  • Doctors found spherical shapes from her stomach to her colon and her anus.
  • They realized the shadows were undigested tapioca pearls from bubble tea the teen had consumed.

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Humanity Will Face ‘Existential Threat’ by 2050 Because of Climate Change, Says Report

Food production decline, 21 days of lethal heat per year, and over 1 billion people displaced… The future isn’t looking good.

  • Melbourne's National Center of Climate Restoration has published a report that says climate change will bring 'existential threat' to the world by 2050.
  • Although not a scientific study, the paper is attempting to help people visualize the possible future based on existing research.
  • Chris Barrie, former chief of the Australian Defense Force, labeled human-induced global warming as the "greatest threat to human life… after nuclear war."

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Netizens Fear New Photo Editing App Will Increase Catfishing

“Omg. This app is crazzzyyyy. Catfishing [is going to] be too easy now.”

  • A new app allows the user to “recreate themselves or anybody they like.”
  • Apparently, it can transform anyone and give them their "dream appearance," and make them look "sexy" in seconds on social media.
  • Netizens are expressing concern that the app could lead to increasing cases of catfishing.

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