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She Went to Prom in an Ambulance and Woke Up After She Got Kissed by Her Prince Charming.

This photo of a teenage girl arriving at her school prom in an ambulance stirred controversy.


Ashvonn Russell  wanted to make her high school prom memorable so she decided to show up at the momentous event in an ambulance.

Apparently, the dance hosted by local Key Club in Bahamas ran a contest for the “Best Entrance” in the event. Determined to bring home the award, Russell came up with the brilliant idea of dressing up as Sleeping Beauty and arriving in an ambulance.

To cap off her grand arrival, Russell remained asleep on the stretcher until her prom date Johnny Auguste a.k.a. Prince Charming kissed her.

Russell said she is “an artist who likes to think outside the box”.


“This is evident in all of my paintings and drawings which are mostly inspired by fairy tales. Sleeping Beauty with a modern twist captured my interest for my prom entrance,” Russell explained.

“Sleeping Beauty’s” photos quickly became an Internet sensation and has been retweeted on Twitter more than 7,000 times. Although Russell’s unique entry gained praises from many Internet users, it also stirred controversy as some commented that the ambulance could have been used in other emergency situations.

Source: The Mirror UK


Ex-Couples Play ‘Truth Or Drink’. It’s Awkward and Funny as it Sounds.

Ex-lovers play truth or drink and it’s hilariously awkward.

Truth be told, seeing your ex is probably the most awkward thing ever especially if the only vivid memory you have of that person is how you broke up, for some at least. Whether it was good or bad, sitting down with the person you once loved is already a challenge in itself, more so playing 'Truth or Drink' in front of the camera and a 'pint' of 'walking down memory lane.'

This is what happened when ex-couples were asked by Elite Daily to sit down and answer some questions about their exes. The catch, either they answer what is asked or take a shot. Some ex-lovers are civil and friendly towards each other as they go on with every challenge while others seem a bit displeased.

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An Abandoned Fishing Village in China Becomes a Green Wonderland

What a stunning scenery!


A deserted fishing village on Shengshan island in China is slowly turning into a green wonderland as vines slowly swallow its structures.

Through time, mother nature has reclaimed one of the almost 400 islands making up Shengsi Islands located at the east of China’s coastal Zheijang province.

Villagers used to rely heavily on fishing as their primary industry. However, the fishermen opted to work on the mainland in industries such as ship building and repairing, service, shipping, light, and tourism  as it had been more economical for them.

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Reporter Tries to Interview Baby on Live TV and it Goes Hilariously Wrong!

“He didn’t like anything I had to say.”


Babies are unpredictable. One moment they are laughing like a hyena, the next minute they can be crying like there’s no tomorrow.

This is the reason why they’re not the best people to interview on live TV.

A Denver-based reporter named Dan Daru was covering the Farms Fall Harvest Festival in Platteville in Colo when a blonde baby boy in a stroller caught his eye. Thinking it was a great idea to feature the cute baby in his segment, he approached the boy he dubbed as “Drew the Farm Kid” and started interviewing him.

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