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High School Kid Leaves Note On F-Type Jaguar Hoping For A Lift To Prom




  • Olen Howden, 16, bravely left a note on a total stranger’s F-Type Jaguar asking if he could get a lift to his prom.
  • The car’s owner Dr. Marwan Bukhari willingly agreed to the teen’s request and drove him to his prom.
  • In return for Dr. Bukhari’s kindness, Olen’s family donated to a charity.

If you went to high school in the old-fashioned way, there’s a good chance that you experienced all the good-and-bad memories prom had to offer. You probably spent months fussing over what to wear and who to go to prom with.

This 16-year-old student from Ripley St. Thomas Church of England Academy in Lancaster only wished to arrive at his prom riding a nice sports car and he got what he wished for. Needless to say, it became one of the best nights of his teenage life!

Every day on his way to school for the past several months, Howden would pass by this flashy, blue F-Type Jaguar parked by the Royal Lancaster Infirmary and he couldn’t help but dream of riding it one day. He also wanted to arrive at his then-upcoming prom riding this handsome ride so one day, he mustered up the courage and left a note at the car’s windscreen asking the owner if he could be given a lift to said event.

“I thought it would be a great prom car. It was amazing,” the teen shared.

Although Howden thought that the owner probably wouldn’t agree to his wishes, he still took his chance. Apparently, the owner of the car is a consultant rheumatologist consultant for the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust (UHMBT). Upon receiving Olen’s note, Dr. Marwan Bukhari was delighted by the innocent request. So he contacted Olen and granted his wish:

“Olen is a very enterprising young man,” he said. “He left a note for me behind the screen wash in a plastic bag. I was very happy to drive him to his prom.”

The prom took place on June 20, Thursday. That day, Olen, along with his grandmother Svatava Hrazdilova and sister Bela Howden, finally met with Dr. Bukhari for the special event.

According to a post shared by the UHMBT, Olen’s grandmother was too happy to see his grandson ride the car of his dreams. She admired Dr. Bukhari’s generosity towards his grandson, saying:

“Dr. Bukhari is very kind. Olen is a lucky boy.”

Olen can’t help but be in awe and gratitude for the kind man.

“I would like to thank Dr. Bukhari for driving me to the prom and making me feel like I was on a race track!”

Since the prom happened during Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Week, Olen’s family decided to generously donated to a national arthritis charity. Olen felt good not only because his simple request happened, but also to know that he could give back to the community.

This inspiring story sure gives hope that a simple act of kindness can also breed acts of generosity towards people in need. Olen now hopes to earn enough money to buy his very own Jaguar in the future and be just like Dr. Bukhari to other teenagers who wish to arrive to prom in a cool sports car.

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