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Teen Gets Rejected And Laughed At Before Prom, Then 13 Girls Ask To Be His Date





In a world where social media is a huge part of our existence, “prom proposals” or “promposals” quickly became an “in” thing. Before, asking someone to be your prom date was as simple as asking the question. Now, these moments are being captured on film and shared on several social media platforms.

It certainly takes a lot of guts to ask someone on a date, especially when you’re a shy, not-so-popular high school student who’s never done it before. Dakota Nelson is a sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, and he wanted to ask his friend to the homecoming dance.

Dakota made sure that his very own “promposal” was done correctly. Unfortunately for him, his friend said no.

Dakota said:

“It was actually a pretty tough moment standing in a small circle with that one shake of the head, and you just got to find your way out of that circle. It’s hesitating.”

The rejection happened in front of their classmates, who laughed and mocked Dakota. They even stepped on the handmade poster he used to pop the question. Dakota then said “that’s what made me walk away. I didn’t want to be a part of it.”

As if that wasn’t enough, the rejection was caught on camera and posted on Facebook, garnering thousands of views. Dakota’s dream “promposal” turned out to be a total nightmare.

But the story is not all bad for Dakota. In fact, a few days after the incident, a couple of students surprised him. Thirteen girls saw the rejection video and decided to turn things. Some of his classmates and cheerleaders asked Dakota to homecoming.

While walking through the hallways, he was stopped by the girls, each one holding a sign, asking Dakota to the homecoming.

He said:

“I felt like one of the popular kids in school which I’m really not.”

Dakota who had just been rejected ended up going to homecoming with 13 girls!

Watch the video here:

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