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Awesome Kid Makes Bow Ties For Shelter Dogs To Help Them Get Adopted

Even Barack Obama is impressed with this young boy with a heart of gold!

  • A young boy named Sir Darius Brown has been making dapper bow ties for shelter animals out of his own pocket.
  • The bow ties have been quite effective in making sure dogs and cats who live in animal shelters can find their forever homes.
  • Former President Barack Obama has expressed his support for the adorable cause.

Shelter animals usually have a hard time finding a forever home. However, one 12-year-old is helping change that with an awesome idea. He has been making adorable bow ties for dogs and cats and donating them to animal shelters. These bow ties might actually help the furry creatures look their best and eventually get adopted.

Sir Darius Brown of Newark, New Jersey is the founder of Beaux and Paws, a pet couture company that specializes in “innovative, stylish, and unique handmade bow ties for people and their four-legged friends.” While pet owners can easily purchase these snazzy bow ties for their furry friends, Darius is also on a mission to make sure shelter dogs will find a loving family. This is why he donates several bow ties to animal shelters.

Meet Darius and his furry friend, who is wearing one of Beaux and Paws’ dapper bow ties.

Darius himself has a truly amazing story to tell. When he was two years old, he was diagnosed with speech, comprehension, and fine motor skills delay. To help improve his motor skills, he started helping his sister Dazhai in making bow ties. Being a dog lover, Darius decided to use his skills to help shelter animals get adopted.

Not surprisingly, people are impressed with Darius’ awesome bow ties and his heart of gold. Even former president Barack Obama took notice of his efforts and sent Darius a letter confirming his support for the young boy.

Although Darius has been helping shelter animals around New Jersey, he is also hoping to extend his mission to other states. To do so, his sister Dazhai has started a fundraiser so Darius can purchase a new sewing machine and supplies for the bow ties. In addition to that, the funds will be used so Darius can visit other states and promote adoption events.

You can follow Darius’ story on Facebook or Instagram. You can also help his fundraiser so more shelter animals can find their forever homes.


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