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In Indiana, You Can Pay Off Your Parking Tickets With Animal Shelter Donations

How would you like to pay your parking tickets in cat food?

  • Muncie Police Department has achieved online fame after their unique campaign captured everyone’s attention.
  • Instead of asking individuals with parking tickets to pay with money, they are receiving donations for cats in a local animal shelter.
  • Netizens have commended the cops for helping the felines and many have since sent their donations, including those without parking tickets.

Indiana’s Muncie Police Department has won the hearts of netizens everywhere because of their unique way of helping cats in the area. Instead of asking those with parking tickets to pay with money, they are instead asking for animal supplies.

In a video, Officer Jamie Brown explained, “If you have a $25 parking ticket, you can bring up to $25 worth of cat food or litter to the Clerk’s Office.”

The initiative began after police officers visited the Muncie Animal Care and Services Shelter, which is home to more than 350 cats. During the tour, the cops discovered that the shelter is in dire need of supplies for the felines.

So they decided to quickly spring into action and do something about the problem.

The project generated a lot of positive response, according to the officers. Aside from individuals who gladly paid their parking tickets off with cat food and litter, others who didn’t have tickets also took it upon themselves to make donations to the shelter.

Muncie ACS later said they are “incredibly grateful” for the support extended by everyone in the community. They also thanked the police department for the meaningful project.

Watch this video to learn more:

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Although the campaign only ran for 4 days, numerous netizens have praised for it.

One commenter of Facebook wrote:

“What a humane and wonderful thing to do. I would hope other states would adopt this policy.”

Another added:

“I personally think every police department everywhere should do this every month at least for 3 days. What a great way to answer a huge need!”


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