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Single and Broke Dad Gets A Touching Present From J. K. Rowling

A tribute to all the amazing fathers out there!


Reading the Harry Potter series has become a way for father Matt Burke and his daughter to spend some quality time. But what he didn’t expect is that the renowned author of the popular books series, J.K. Rowling, herself, would take notice.

Matt Burke, a single dad and photographer from Tallahassee, Florida is facing some challenges when it comes to providing his daughter’s needs. He went broke but still kept trying hard just to be there for Bailey.

Matt said that there were a lot of times that he had to miss dinner so his daughter can eat.

Source: Matt Burke

He can’t afford to buy her daughter expensive toys or even go on holidays together. But he found a good way to hang out with her without the need to spend money.

Matt and Bailey read the Harry Potter books together, and since his daughter loves it, he decided to read it too.

Source: Matt Burke

Although he was hesitant at first because he thinks that he is “too cool for some things,” he revealed that he’s having fun reading it with Bailey.

It turned out that he started to like the novel.

Source: Matt Burke
Matt decided to share his story on Twitter.

Source: Matt Burke
And he didn’t expect J. K. Rowling to respond to his post

Matt was definitely shook by the author’s response.

Source: Matt Burke

People reacted to Matt’s post and praised him for being a strong-willed father. They were also touched by Rowling’s act of kindness.


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As a photographer, Matt shares his story through his photos. He revealed that he also struggles with depression and anxiety, but he is determined to fight it, especially since he has a daughter who relies on him.


Dad Goes Viral For Angry Rant About People Who Judge Parents of Autistic Children

“Just some advice for those with no experience of autism,“ he wrote.

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British dad Adam Poole shared a photo on social media, showing a mother cradling her child in public. He also wrote a few words, slamming harsh people who are clearly out of the line. Eventually, the short yet inspiring post went viral, gaining thousands of likes and shares from netizens everywhere.

Adam Poole has “some advice” for those who criticize parents of autistic children.

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