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2 Year Old Girl Gets Giant ‘Harry Potter’ Playhouse From Grandparents

And you thought your grandparents spoiled you.

  • A two-year-old girl just got a truly lavish ‘Harry Potter’-inspired present from her doting grandparents.
  • The Ontario couple had an enormous Hogwarts playhouse built for the little girl in their back garden.
  • The structure would make any Harry Potter fan green with envy.

It’s no secret that grandparents can be notorious in spoiling their grandkids. However, a couple from Ontario has truly raised the bar. The adoring grandparents decided to present their two-year-old granddaughter with a Harry Potter-inspired playhouse. The thing is, it’s almost a life-sized replica of Hogwarts itself!

Dave and Ruby Dunlop of Spencerville, Ontario truly adore their two-year-old granddaughter Logan and wanted to give her something that she would truly enjoy. Since Logan’s parents were huge Harry Potter fans, the Dunlops decided that the little girl should have her own miniature Hogwarts. But instead of getting a tiny playhouse, the grandparents went all out by having a huge structure built in the garden for Logan.

Who wouldn’t want a ‘Harry Potter’ playhouse?

The incredible playhouse includes the Hogwarts Castle as well as other Harry Potter locales like Ollivander’s Wand Shop and Platform 9 3/4. In addition to that, there are several tiny details including portraits of Albus Dumbledore and other characters throughout the miniature house.

Everything in the playhouse is a nod to J.K. Rowling’s books.

The Dunlops commissioned Charmed Playhouses in Alberta, Canada to work on the project, which took about six weeks to create. It also took another three days to build the impressive structure in the Dunlops’ back garden.

The fortress also features an awesome slide.

Tyson Leavitt of Charmed Playhouses is truly proud of what they have constructed for the adoring grandparents. “The Dunlops are elated to have the playhouse in their backyard as it will become the pinnacle of family memories for years to come,” he said.

Although the playhouse was made specifically for Logan, her younger siblings are also welcome to play. Needless to say, these children are truly spoiled.

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