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Funny Fathers Who Are Definitely Not Winning “Dad of the Year” This Father’s Day





Fatherhood is definitely not for the faint of heart. As a father, you have to work hard and provide for your family’s needs. That’s on top of setting a good example to your children, plus helping your wife with the home chores and parenting duties.

Despite all that, it doesn’t mean that fatherhood is no fun at all. There are a lot of dads out there who will readily tell you that it’s been the most rewarding experience of their lives. It can be challenging, yes, but it can also be a great source of happiness.

Case in point, the daddies in the photos below show us how not to take fatherhood too seriously. Well perhaps they did overdo the fun factor but hey, you get the picture – being a dad is never boring if you know how to find humor in your responsibilities.

Go scroll down below and prepare to have a good, hearty chuckle at these daddy-flavored epic fails.

#1. An innovative dad.

#2. What a crepe!

#3. Ran out of grocery carts? No problem!

#4. What could go wrong, right?

#5. You’re not going anywhere, buddy.

#6. Never waste ketchup.

#7. “Just testing if its really working. Okay, I’ll take this one!”

#8. “Honey, I’m done preparing the baby…”

#9. Now that’s efficient… Wait what?!

#10. Can’t find the baby trolley, so…

#11. Poor kid!

#12. He probably didn’t want to wake him up for the nth time.

#13. “I am your baby!”

#14. Every. Single. Freaking. Time!

#15. Booze and babes.

#16. You’re a no-fun dad if you haven’t tried it at least once.

#17. This is what happens when daddy gets left alone with the baby.

#18. Off to lala land.

#19. What a masterpiece.

#20. When you see it…

#21. His reaction sums it all up.

#22. Daddy’s pride and joy.

#23. Who says beer and baby don’t mix?

#24. Obviously a terrible idea.

#25. Super Watermelon Boy!

#26. Check out my cool new mousepad.

#27. Biker Baby.

#28. Now we know how to use that thing.

#29. “Hello, ladies!”

#30. Now that’s really creative.

#31. Because gaming is life…

#32. To be fair, it looks like the kid’s having fun, too.

#33. He’s got slaves.

#34. Winter hack.

Kudos to these hilarious fathers for literally making us laugh out loud.

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