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10 Signs Your Man is No Longer in Love With You





For the author of Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey, a man’s love can be expressed in three forms: 1.) declaring his rights for you in public; 2.) protecting you, and 3.) taking care of you. While everyone can agree that women certainly need the protection and security of their men, it all boils down to love. But what good does it do if a man is no longer in love with his woman?

A woman’s intuition is so strong that she can somehow feel if something is wrong. Ironically, in most cases, she finds it hard to determine if whether or not her man is no longer in love with her. Luckily for you, we here at Elite Readers have gathered 10 tell-tale signs that your man’s love and adoration towards you have faded. While we hope that you do not see these signs, it is still important that you understand what to anticipate for.

#1. Criticism of Appearance

It holds true that a person will learn to like everything including flaws of his/her loved one. However, when it comes to a person whom he/she does not share any affection, perfection can become an annoyance. A man who loves his woman will find her attractive and beautiful all the time. Even if you look dirty and messy, he finds a reason to love you even more. But the moment his love for you fades, the little things become noticeable. He begins to call you out for gaining a couple of pounds or that you need to hit the gym.

#2. He Discusses Your Shortcomings With His Friends

In this ill-fated world, it is only natural that no one is perfect. But if you are truly in love with someone, you have no reason to discuss the flaws. Your focus is on the advantages and the things that symbolize happiness. If your partner tends to discuss your flaws publicly, then you should be alarmed. This is most especially if he humiliates you in front of his friends, colleagues, and even strangers.

#3. His Attitude Towards Your Habit

Women are fond of complaining about stuff involving men. For instance, they will complain about a man’s socks and clothes scattered around the house. But like men, women also have annoying habits like staying in the bathroom for 2 hours. If your man constantly scrutinizes you for this and other things, it only means that his feelings towards you have become more about irritation than love. This is especially true in situations where he always makes negative comments about your behavior.

#4. Attentiveness to Your Story

A man who loves you will make an effort to listen to every word that comes out from your mouth. Be it a sad or happy story, he will be there attentively listening. But as soon as his love fades, he finds it a burden to listen to you. He either cuts you off or tells you to shut up. Or he may appear to be listening but he is not really digesting what you are saying.

#5. His Attitude Towards Your Emotions

Men who love their women hate seeing the latter cry. He will do his best to comfort you in every possible way. But if he’s no longer interested, expect him to get irritated after seeing you cry. He might even find it pleasing to scrutinize you. In any case, your man should never do any of these if he truly loves you.

#6. Flirtatiousness

Flirting is one of the best ways to revive a dull relationship. It can be made through texts, photos, or talks. It is really important for couples, as it helps them veer away from the usual routines. However, if you have tried your best to flirt with your man and he still does not respond, then there is something fishy going on. It is either he is just tired or he actually has another woman whom he flirts with.

#7. His Reaction to Requests

When a man is still trying to win a woman’s heart, he will do his best to answer and deliver every request. But if his love for you has gone astray, then it is going to be a different story. Ask him to do laundry and he might just shout at you. Even the smallest of requests are a burden for him. It is possible that his eagerness to handle requests is being given to another woman.

#8. Jealousy

When a man knows and declares his rights to a woman, he becomes the owner of her beauty. So, it is only right if he feels unstable when someone pays attention to you.

Not because he is insecure, but simply because he is afraid of the idea of losing you. But when he becomes indifferent to the signs of attention, then he no longer wants to fight for you. This is definitely an alarming sign.

#9. Protection From Danger

As mentioned, men will do their best to protect their women even it will cost their lives. For them, doing such is the closest thing to being a knight to their damsel in distress. But if this protection slowly diminishes, then your man is no longer interested in your well-being. He might be okay with the idea of letting you walk alone in the middle of the night. Or perhaps he is not disturbed by the yelling of your boss in your office.

#10. Gentle Words and Express Feelings

When a person is in love, he/she will express the nicest of words. From “I miss you” to “I love you,” every word is painted with love. But when a man is no longer happy or in love, he tends to break away from this sort of stuff. He barely says “I love you” or expresses his love through hugs and kisses. Clearly, his feelings have faded away.

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