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Three Friends Organize Orgy Parties For Customers – And Business Is Booming!





Three friends from Sydney, Australia have created a unique sex-related business together and, according to them, it’s doing really great. They established Sensual Erotica which they say is a “safe place for people to explore their sexuality.”

The trio organizes parties they describe as “conscious orgies.” These gatherings allow interested customers to (or ‘players’) to freely express their desires in a safe environment.

Meet Tomas, Felicity, and Niki – the founders of Sensual Erotica.

Ever fantasized about joining an orgy? This business will make your dreams come true!

“It’s about exploring all the different ways to be intimate,” Tomas said.

As one of the business owners, Tomas himself admits he was initially insecure about the idea of doing “it” with his girlfriend along with other men but he has since gotten over his fears.

He further shared:

“Before my first orgy I was scared that my girlfriend would fall in love with a guy that was bigger, fitter and hotter than me.

“I wanted to explore sexuality but didn’t know how and was afraid.

“But through that experience and afterwards I realized it was important to elevate past fear and into possibility.”

As a result of the orgies, Tomas claims he and his girlfriend now enjoy a stronger bond with each other.

Now they’ve organized another 20-person orgy at a secret location in Chatswood, Sydney.

Recently, the business received a lot of attention online and has even been featured by DailyMail. The site described their services as “an entry-level experience, the parties are invitation-only and can run for over four hours, often hosted in private apartments or a member’s home.”

“We have clear conversations as a group at the start of the event so everyone is connected in consent,” pointed out Niki.

“Then the rest of the time is for play,” she added.

According to Niki, she has attended similar parties in the past but unfortunately, “most had alcohol or drugs, and players that were very loose about consent and agreements.”

She went on to say:

“The people and places were not as clean and safe as I needed to feel comfortable.

“I found myself having conversations about safe sex, boundaries, agreements and consent.

“The fact that this was a new conversation for the other players was alarming to me.”

The Chatswood orgy will be the fifth to be organized by Sensual Erotica since the business was launched.

As for ticket price, single females pay $60 each while mixed couples are charged $110.

Currently, single males are not allowed to join.

Alcohol, drugs, and even phones are strictly prohibited in the parties.

“Orgasm is the best drug in the world’,” said Niki.

Condoms are also used at all times, “no matter what,” the three friends reminded.

“No matter what level of experience you have I will guide you to have what you want,” Tomas assured interested participants.

Meanwhile, Felicity shared:

“It’s a place where desire leads and everyone in the room learns, via games, how to communicate what they really want and need.”

“Drop whatever preconceptions you have and try it first,” Tomas invited.

“Follow your desire and let that be your compass,” he said.

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