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Wild Seal Asks Diver For Belly Rub And Responds Just Like A Puppy





An underwater video shows an amazing encounter between a thrill-seeking diver and an Atlantic grey seal.

Gary Grayson, the 55-year-old diver from Salford, United Kingdom was out diving in the Isles of Scilly in 2012 when a seal approached him and reach for his hand.

But the seal clearly wanted something more and it was totally unexpected. Apparently, the cute fellah wanted a belly rub.

The experienced diver and videographer simply had to give in to the marine creature’s request. Just like dogs, this particular seal also enjoyed getting belly rubs.

Speaking to Manchester Evening News, Grayson said: “I had seen other seals in the water but they just buzzed past us. None was as inquisitive as he was, and none as friendly. We were told just to sit on the bottom of the kelp but the more still we were the more inquisitive this seal was because we were in their world.”

The video was uploaded three years ago but it has only become an internet sensation now.

“This grey seal came across and had five minutes with me, kind of thing.”


Photo credit: Facebook/Gary Grayson
“Then another was climbing up my leg. I’m an experienced diver but I have never known anything like that.”


Photo credit: Facebook/Gary Grayson
“I’ve been all over the world, to Mexico and Cuba, to dive with great big mantras and sharks.”


Photo credit: Facebook/Gary Grayson
“But this was certainly up there with anything I have ever done.”


Photo credit: Facebook/Gary Grayson
“People ask why I go diving… this is why”


Photo credit: Facebook/Gary Grayson
Watch the video below.

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Source: Bored Panda, Manchester Evening News, The Dodo, Facebook



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