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13 Reasons Why Vanuatu Is A Perfect Holiday Destination





Are you stuck in going to the same places when you go to the South Pacific? The world is a huge and wonderful place, but we most of the time don’t know how to explore it.

Vanuatu is a nation in the South Pacific Ocean that features about 80 islands. The island offers almost all of the things that you need for your adventure. Here are 13 reasons why Vanuatu should be your next holiday destination.

1. Away from the crowd


Since Fiji is a more popular hotspot for tourists to visit in the South Pacific, you can enjoy the island far from the maddening crowd.

2. Incredible Blue Holes

Nothing can prepare you for the beauty of this natural phenomenon. With colors so vibrant and water so transparent, you’d think you could see mermaids darting through the depths. The Blue Holes are ideal for snorkeling, as well as just cooling off in the tropical heat.

3. Wonderful culture

Vanuatu has been available to tourists for a considerable length of time and allows you to meet locals and find out about their history.

4. Memorable volcano tour

You can browse a selection of scheduled sightseeing day tours where you get to visit the crater’s edge.

5. Top-rated beaches

Who doesn’t like fresh air and clear waters?

6. Relaxing river float

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Experience the beauty of Vanuatu through a well-guided trip to a lazy easy float down a picturesque river to a beautifully easy and safe waterfall exit. Suits all ages and fitness.

7. Incredibly friendly locals

They say a smile is a universal language.

8. Prized beef

The island is definitely a food lover’s paradise, thanks to the mix of Ni-Vanuatu, Melanesian and French-inspired cuisine.

9. Boutique hotels


Boutique waterfront accommodations provide a delightful morning views of the island.

10. Amazing waterfalls

The Mele Cascades Waterfall in Vanuatu is a must see while staying in or visiting Port Vila.

11. Island adventures


There’s a lot of things to do in paradise!

12. A diver’s paradise

Vanuatu boasts gorgeous vistas and titillating scuba diving. Soft beaches and clear water are the norms for this hospitable island refuge.

13. Snorkeling


Vanuatu is known as the adventure capital of the Pacific. The beautiful island is home to some of the world’s most stunning snorkeling spots.

So when are you going to book your ticket?

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