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Scientists Use Robotic Baby Monkey to See How A Troop Of Monkeys React





In a new BBC show called Spy in the Wild, the secret life of wild animals was captured using robotic animals fitted with ultra high definition cameras. The results give us amazing glimpse of the most intimate, thrilling and remarkable scenes ever witnessed in nature.

In this particular video, Spy in the Wild follows a fake baby monkey with camera eyes as it infiltrates a crew of Langur monkeys.

The curious monkeys take their turns inspecting the weird animal. Until one clumsy monkey drops the robot and then they all think it’s dead. Then they gather around and have a little wake for the accidental death of the poor ‘baby’.

Watch the video:

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The commentator revealed that scientists never expected Langur monkeys to react like that. In fact, they had no idea these species of monkeys were capable of displaying such emotions.

Another viewer even suggested, “Should’ve reanimated him… we could’ve witnessed the birth of a new religion.”

It’s sad and hilarious at the same time, as one viewer commented on YouTube, “BBC running around the world traumatising monkeys wtf mate.”

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