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Skinny Guy Inspired By Captain America Hits The Gym and Transforms His Body





Most of us enjoy watching movies but there are fans out there who actually take inspiration from their favorite films. For these cinema goers, movies provide important lessons they can apply in their own lives

Take this guy, for example, who took inspiration from Captain America, the patriotic Marvel superhero played by actor Chris Evans. After seeing the character’s big screen debut in 2011, Anurag Kumar Chaurasia of Delhi, India loved Steve Rogers’ physical and mental transformation.

In an interview with Unilad, Anurag recalled:

“I have been fan of Avenger superheroes since Iron Man came in 2008. Being the skinniest guy I always felt so good when innocent ones were saved from bullies. When Captain America came in 2011, I felt like this is exactly what I want to become – a beacon of hope and commitment who never gives up. Like Steve Rogers before transformation, I was skinny too. And everything after that just connected me to him so much.”

Anurag loved Captain America’s story so much that, to him, it “felt like I was watching my biography.”

“Cap is my role model,” he added. “I could feel his anger, disappointment, love, hope. I cried with him, laughed with him.

So he eventually took it upon himself to make necessary improvements in his body.

He said:

“I tried to change my physical form since 2011 but failed every time. I tried the gym but failed due to lack of proper guidance. [I] felt like giving up after so many failures.

“Then I met someone really special. I don’t know what happened then but I dedicated myself completely this time. 100% commitment to gym” workout, proper diet and everything according to the plan. And my body responded amazingly.

“Being an ectomorph I didn’t gain much mass but whatever I gained was lean muscle. My body strength and fitness amazed people and myself. From that day I have committed myself to my body 100%. It’s been two years since I’ve been regular and dedicated.”

Of course, the journey wasn’t easy.
In fact, it took more than two years of effort before he got the results he wanted.

Anurag shared:

“The only thing I can advise for people wishing to undergo a similar transformation is that if you have a dream, don’t give up. You may fail hundreds and thousands of time but you will succeed if you have the will to keep doing it until you achieve it.

“Like Cap always stood up for his friends and his beliefs, even when entire world was against them. You should believe in yourself too. If you know you’re doing right thing then forget what people are saying. You have to look for the qualities beyond physical to transform yourself. Will power is everything.”

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