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Gigantic Powerlifter Dubbed ‘The Iranian Hulk’ Announces MMA Debut


Well, this is going to be interesting. The gigantic powerlifter known as “The Iranian Hulk” is already a social media darling despite his intimidating physique. Now he wants to join the world of mixed martial arts.

Sajad Gharibi is only 27 years old but he is already a successful powerlifter. His strength might be one of the reasons why he is known as the “Iranian Hulk” or “Persian Hercules” but it’s clearly his appearance that has people talking. Gharibi stands at 6’2″ tall and is a staggering 385 pounds. Let’s just say that he is roughly the size and width of an industrial refrigerator.

Gharibi has earned the nickname ‘Iranian Hulk’ because, well, just look at him.

He’s certainly an intimidating sight but can Gharibi actually fight? It looks like the powerlifter is ready to prove that he can be a major threat in the octagon.

Gharibi had previously issued a challenge on Instagram although he did not reveal who it was addressed to.

“Be brave and Invite me to fight. rather than hiding behind your sponsors, I am ready to fight you, show me what you’ve got to say in the ring,” Gharibi wrote.

It’s been a while since the challenge was issued but Gharibi has just confirmed that someone has finally accepted it.

“So I’m finally accepting my first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020,” he added.

Gharibi will make his MMA debut next year.

There have been speculations that Gharibi will fight the equally massive
Romario dos Santos Alves, who is known as the “Brazilian Hulk.” Alves had previously stated that he could easily take on Gharibi and that he would “tear off” the powerlifter’s head.

Alves has yet to confirm whether he will fight Gharibi in the octagon. Nevertheless, it would be interesting to see if Gharibi is a good fighter.

Learn more about the upcoming fight below:
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