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‘Brazilian Hulk’ Threatens To Tear Head Off ‘Iranian Hulk’ Ahead Of MMA Debut





It’s a battle between the Hulks! The massive powerlifter called “The Iranian Hulk” has announced his MMA debut and he could go up against “The Brazilian Hulk”!

Sajad Gharibi, who is known as the “Iranian Hulk” or the “Persian Hercules”, has been posting a lot of fighting words on Instagram for some time now. However, it wasn’t until this April that he confirmed he will be making his MMA debut in 2020. Although it was not confirmed who the powerlifter will be fighting, it looks like Romario Dos Santos Alves aka The Brazilian Hulk is confirming that he is the “Brazilian fighter” Gharibi is referring to in the post.

Alves and his 24-inch biceps are ready to take on the Iranian Hulk.

Romario Dos Santos Alves has reportedly responded to Gharibi’s announcement about the MMA debut. The Brazilian Hulk certainly isn’t backing down and has claimed that he will “tear [Gharibi’s] head off.”

Alves certainly seems capable of taking on the Iranian Hulk despite being much smaller than Gharibi. While his Iranian counterpart is an absolute unit for having 385 lbs packed into his 6’2″ frame, Alves is only 5’8″ and 229 lbs. Nevertheless, people believe that Alves may have the advantage.

The Iranian Hulk is about the size of a small car or an industrial refrigerator.

The Brazilian Hulk is hardly the only person who is interested in taking on the Iranian Hulk in the octagon. An even-smaller UFC fighter says he can easily take Gharibi down.

MMA star Brian Ortega is the same height as Alves but weighs a lot less at 145 lbs. Nevertheless, Ortega believes he knows he can bring down the Iranian Hulk with some effort.

“I would just gas him out, piss him off,” Ortega said. “Of course, you’re gonna see me just get mauled up like a damn little chihuahua in the beginning. But just when I ride that wave out, it’s a done deal man. He’ll gas out and he’ll be mine.”

Gharibi has yet to confirm which fighter he will go up against in 2020.

Watch Brian Ortega issue a challenge to the Iranian Hulk below:

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