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He Just Might Be The Luckiest Man Alive Now and His Mother’s Reaction on the Good News is EPIC!





A good news is always best shared with someone, not to mention if that someone just might mean the whole world to you.

Although a lot of parents would prefer to put professional college diplomas attained by their children in a frame, the mother of an aspiring backup dancer has more than the right to brag about his son’s by-far the greatest accomplishment.

With the struggling living conditions before the ultimate showdown to success, Robert Green, a now renowned backup dancer, may not always have the privilege to savor his own cup of tea. As per Green, there would be days when he and his mom would have to sleep inside their car since they cannot afford a hotel during dance conventions and engagements. Well, looks like the odds are with them, little did they know that their lives are about to have a 180° turn.

Initially, the recording started as Green calls his mom to share the biggest news ever. As playful Rob slowly reveals the true colors behind the call, his mother’s reaction was totally epic and priceless! So, without any further ado, what is the big deal? Well, let’s just say that he is not just among the one-in-a-million who’s confirmed to join the dance crew set for a world tour but he also gets to go side-by-side grinding with the hottest pop artist in the hood….THE ONE AND ONLY TAYLOR SWIFT!!!! Yes, yes, yes! Rob’s going to the land of the rising sun, Tokyo, Japan to perform in Swift’s 1989 World Tour.

Watch the video here:

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Hearing the good news, Rob’s mom definitely could not contain herself from being awfully and overly joyed for her son’s lifetime dream. With no further questions, he definitely has the most lovable and emotional mother one could ever have. I guess avid fans will be expecting Rob’s performance, too, now that he’s a new online sensation! Good job!

H/T: Daily Mail

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