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Taylor Swift Sends Struggling Fan Almost $5,000 to Help Pay Her College Tuition

The singer made sure that her fan would not have to drop out of school!

  • Taylor Swift has once again proven her generosity by sending a fan almost $5,000 for her tuition.
  • The Lover singer donated the amount after learning that the fan might need to drop out of school.
  • The donation is expected to ensure that the fan can continue going to college in the upcoming semester.

It’s no secret that Taylor Swift is a talented musician who is currently worth millions. However, the Lover singer also happens to have a heart of gold. Taylor recently learned that a fan might need to drop out of school because she can’t afford her tuition. Amazingly, the singer decided to send the fan almost $5,000 so she can continue going to school.

The fan, who is simply known as Ayesha, posted about her struggles on Tumblr. She wrote that she didn’t want to drop out of school but might need to do so since she doesn’t have enough for tuition in the coming semester. Luckily, her post didn’t go unnoticed. Ayesha later received an email confirming that someone had sent her some money on PayPal.

Taylor had sent Ayesha over $6,000 CAD (about $4,800 USD). In addition to that, the singer left an inspiring note for her fan.

Ayesha later explained that Taylor’s donation was a huge help not just for herself but for her parents as well.

“my mother suffers with chronic kidney disease stage 3 and that’s always something we’re worried about. stress aggravates her condition and not having funds is stressful. both of my parents work minimum wage jobs. they were going to try to get loans. because $1.7k tuition and $780 per month rent isn’t an easy thing to ask of your parents. and taylor swift took that stress from my parents, my world, and i have never seen them cry/laugh the way they are right now,” she wrote.

It’s certainly an amazing act of kindness that people, especially Ayesha and her family, will not forget anytime soon.

Taylor Swift’s new album Lover will be released on August 23.

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