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How This Guy Is Able To Read Your Thoughts Is Just Amazing! How Did He Do It?





Meet Rick Lax from Las Vegas. This guy can read your mind and he knows exactly what number you are thinking.

If you play along with his game, you’ll be amazed why some guy from the cyberspace knows exactly what’s in your thoughts.

Do you believe this guy has some mind-reading abilities? Or is it plainly a trick?

In this video by Rick that he posted on Facebook, he’ll give you instructions, asking you to multiply, subtract or add numbers and eventually, he’ll know what your end number will be.

If you choose to play along, there’s a catch: you have to share his video if he gets your number right. So far, the video has been viewed over 24 million times and has gained over 1 million reactions.

Not convinced that Rick can do it? Why don’t you try and play his game by watching the video below and see what happens.

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You may have asked “how did he do that?” Note that Rick is a deception expert and for those who figured out his secret, good for you. For those who were left wondering how it’s possible for him to do what he did, you might just find the answers somewhere in the comments, but where’s the fun in that right?

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