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Photographer Captures ‘Jesus Christ’ Apparition Over Light Beams in New Jersey

Could that robed figure be Jesus Christ himself?


Cameras are great not only for capturing life’s special moments but also for some unexpected instances. Or in this case, an alleged miraculous apparition. The photo below, taken by a freelance photographer, shows us a mysterious figure appearing over light beams in Hoboken, New Jersey. The said figure is believed by some as Jesus Christ himself.

Richard McCormack, who took the picture, shared that he was taking photos during the 9/11 commemoration and memorial rites when he captured the said image. In the clouds over the two beams of light, a figure dressed in a white robe can be seen seemingly standing in the sky.

Richard McCormack captured this photo of ‘Jesus Christ’ standing above the clouds over two light beams in New Jersey.

In a BuzzFlare feature, we also learn that McCormack takes photos of the ceremony “every year” but he said this marks the first time he was able to capture something like this.

The photo went viral online and earned mixed reactions from social media users.

The photo later went viral on social media and, as with most things viral, McCormack’s claims received mixed reactions from netizens with some believing it and others clearly expressing skepticism.

Some believed it to be an authentic apparition while others said it’s “obviously Photoshopped”.

The comments ranged from “”it’s a hoax” and “It’s obviously Photoshopped.” Some are even accusing McCormack of someone desperate to have his 15 minutes of internet fame. Others, meanwhile, believe it is a divine apparition and that Jesus Christ was truly “looking down at the commemorative rites.”

This, of course, is not the first time that such a viral image was has sparked an online debate among netizens. It can be remembered that a Jesus Christ-shaped cloud allegedly appeared in Colombia after a devastating landslide that claimed the lives of 17 individuals.

Well what do you think, folks? Could McCormack’s claims be true or is this all an elaborate hoax? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.


Foreign Tourists Get Beaten in India After They Tried To Push A Cow

This is really disturbing!

A recent video from India, however, has been catching everyone’s attention and has been raising people’s eyebrows. Shared on Facebook by Pakistan Affairs, the footage shows us a bunch of foreign tourists being attacked in an Indian beach after they attempted to push a cow.

The page captioned the video this way:

“Shining India. Foreign tourists being beaten by Hindu extremist mob in Goa, after they tried to push away a cow.”

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Fake IRS Agents Try To Scam a Programmer and They Ended Up Regretting It

They tried to steal his money so he wrote a “special” script just for them.

If there’s one important lesson you should learn in life, it should probably be this – you should never mess with a programmer. You don’t want to piss them off because when they come back at you, things can be pretty nasty.

Just take this story, for example, where a bunch of fake Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents made the dumb mistake of calling a computer programmer who, much to their regret, is someone who specializes in scam prevention.

In a BoredPanda post, we learn that programmer and Reddit user YesItWasDataMined, “operates an anti-scam operation called Project Mayhem”. Eventually, he received a voicemail from an Indian caller claiming to be an IRS employee.

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Couple Turns To The Internet For Perfect Engagement Photo, And The Results Are Hilarious

The trolls strike again!

It’s easy to have a perfect photo these days. All it takes is a photo-editing software and a professional who can manipulate the photo and turn it into an image that you’ve always wanted. But getting professional work done is sometimes too expensive that some people would rather turn to the Internet for help.

By now, many people know that when asking for Photoshop help online, the results are always hilarious and cruel at the same time. You would easily think that people would refrain from asking free online photo editors but somehow, there are still those who like to ask for favors without paying anything in return.

A couple asked to have a shirtless man Photoshopped out of their favorite engagement photo.

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