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30 Photos Show Out Of This World Food Servings In Restaurants





Let’s face it, food serving and the creativity of restaurant chefs are just some of the factors people look for when dining out – aside from the taste of course.

When it comes to food servings, some restaurants try their best to look unique and stand out from others in the competition. The restaurant competitors today race against each other to produce one-of-a-kind dishes to attract the attention of their customers.

Here are some of the photos of restaurants who went too far in terms of their food servings. Some of these you might find cute, others a bit disgusting and ridiculous.

#1 Bookshelf tea, anyone?

Source:Albert Spinestein
#2 Diabetes dessert: Ice cream, cake and more sugar!

#3 The champion scotch egg trophy: at least there’s a bacon!

#4 This is not how a Greek salad should look like.

Source: xiupng
#5 Do you want everything, as in everything, in your drink, Sir?

#6 Let’s have raw meat Barbie for dinner!

Source: astonautyes
#7 What a cute Fish and Chips Ferris Wheel!

Source: WeWantPlates
#8 When you ask for orange juice and the restaurant promotes Do-it-yourself items on the menu!

Source: WeWantPlates
#9 The shove it up in your belly breakfast.

Source: themcgician
#10 So, you ordered for fresh strawberries…

Source: Amie Kinz
#11 Is this cotton candy?

Source: WeWantPlates
#12 I ordered a burger with countless patties and onion rings with a sword through it.

Source: Ensurdagen
#13 How do you want your olives?

Source: wildickie
#14 I don’t know how to feel if I get served with this.

#15 This is colorful, though. Salad, anyone?

#16 This is not Caesar salad!

#17 Now, this is weird. Where’s the sauce?

Source: WeWantPlates
#18 What am I supposed to eat here?

Source: Ar72
#19 Aw, what a cute guy and his flamingo drink!

Source: robmackenzie
#20 What if I want to eat the chips first?

Source: Tankh
#21 It’s the stairway to sushi!

Source: Nuginuk
#22 This is unique – chips on a washing line.

#23 I think this will taste weird or is it food?

#24 This is a painful food serving.

Source: WeWantPlates
#25 We’re out of glasses.

Source: SamBoeres
#26 Thai restaurant serves food in these containers.

Source: damn_jexy
#27 This is cute! Shawarma on a bicycle.

#28 What a cute fries bin!

Source: WeWantPlates
#29 No way I’m eating this!

#30 This not appetizing at all!

What do you think of these out-of-this-world food servings? Will you try them? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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