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Is Ear Candling Safe And Effective? This Reporter Tries It For Herself.





Ever heard about an ear candling treatment? It may sound weird and dangerous but such practice is actually being done by some candling practitioners.

Ear candling also known as “ear coning” is said to be an alternative medicine procedure to improve health and well-being. This process requires placing a lit, hollow and cone-shaped candle into the ear canal which claims to give a therapeutic effect and helps remove “cerumen” or earwax.

But is it really safe and effective?”

The said issue has long been debated even up to this day, both with negative and positive claims. Ear candling is in fact a lucrative business for candle manufacturers and wellness centers. Meanwhile, most medical professionals are against it. A medical research states that ear candling is dangerous and ineffective.

“Bottom line: Ear candling is ineffective and potentially dangerous and we do not recommend it at any time for any reason.”

American Academy of Audiology

It was discovered that the earwax, toxins found after the treatment was residue from the candle itself.


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Eric Mann, clinical deputy director of the FDA’s Division of Ophthalmic, Neurological, and Ear, Nose, and Throat Devices said,

“There is no valid scientific evidence for any medical benefit from (ear candle) use. In fact, some doctors report that ear candling can be harmful.”

Jasmine Taylor, Cayman 27 reporter tries the procedure for herself to see how it affects her body.


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Despite series of negative claims, supporters of this practice continue to do it and still believe in its effectivity, emphasizing its place in our modern world today. Nonetheless, there is no available evidence to prove that ear candling is an effective treatment for any condition.

Watch the video below:

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