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25 Stunningly Relaxing Arrangements by Visual Artist Adam Hillman

Feast your eyes on these aesthetically pleasing artworks made with random household objects.


Imagine being tired from a day of work and your rush hour commute. Everything you see around you is chaos – the urban jungle, and the misery of people just wanting to walk faster so they can get home sooner. With this as a daily part of your day, you’d definitely want some respite to come home to, something you can look forward to and know for sure that it will relax your mind and calm your senses.

Enter visual artist Adam Hillman, who is obsessed with aesthetics that he creates them from random objects just so he can share them with the world.

“I’m always thinking about possible ideas, but the best photos I’ve created come about very organically,” Adam says of his art, “It takes an average of two hours to execute an arrangement, not including the time it takes to conceptually formulate it.”

And while his artwork may be different from those of Picasso or Dali or Monet, his works have a simplicity that calms the eyes.

Just take a look for yourself:

#1. This silver staple illusion that’s good enough to display on the wall.


Source: Adam Hillman
#2. Zig zag, zig zag, toothpicks and dessert forks.


Source: Adam Hillman
#3. Cavendish never looked this good.


Source: Adam Hillman
#4. Oreoooo.


Source: Adam Hillman
#5. Military precision arranged gummy bears.


Source: Adam Hillman
#6. M&M’s dissolved just right.


Source: Adam Hillman
#7. M&M’s preaching Eminem. Meta!


Source: Adam Hillman
#8. It’s all about aesthetic, even in alphabet soup.


Source: Adam Hillman
#9. Precision-cut pencils.


Source: Adam Hillman
#10. Camouflaged snacks.


Source: Adam Hillman
#11. Delicately woven.


Source: Adam Hillman
#12. A tower of colors.


Source: Adam Hillman
#13. Froot Loop gradients on milk.


Source: Adam Hillman
#14. An M&M you’d feel bad about eating.


Source: Adam Hillman
#15. Scroll it up and down, and you’ll see the genius in this shot.


Source: Adam Hillman
#16. Precision is one of Adam’s strongest points…


Source: Adam Hillman
#17. Alongside superb sharpening skills.


Source: Adam Hillman
#18. The perfect blend.


Source: Adam Hillman
#19. Another blend, this time more colorful.


Source: Adam Hillman
#20. Celery has never been this attractive.


Source: Adam Hillman
#21. Stacked, strudy, and stunning.


Source: Adam Hillman
#22. A new take on the glass illusion.


Source: Adam Hillman
#23. Not one step further!


Source: Adam Hillman
#24. Starry, starry paperclip night.


Source: Adam Hillman
#25. All the colors of the rainbow in a stroke of a brush.


Source: Adam Hillman

Love his work? Check out more at his Instagram!


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