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Quadruplets Mom Goes After Trolls Making Fun Of Her Post-Baby Body





The internet can be harsh on anybody, even hard-working mothers. A mother who recently gave birth to quadruplets had previously shared a photo of her post-partum body. Unfortunately, trolls immediately began making fun of the stretch marks that cover her stomach. However, the feisty mom didn’t take any of the trolling lying down.

Doreen Ching is a Malaysian mother who gave birth to adorable quadruplets Jensen, Jayden, Jasper, and Jazreel. Although the loving mom is smitten with her babies, she is also aware of the effect they had on her body while she was still pregnant. When Doreen’s followers asked the beauty shop owner how they could get rid of scars, she had an empowering message.

Doreen is only 23 but she’s already the mother of four little children.

Delivering the adorable quadruplets had a life-changing effect on Doreen’s body.

Doreen revealed that she has stretch marks and that it is something that will never go away. She then shared a picture of her post-baby belly.

Although most people were impressed with Doreen’s brave move, others chose to make fun of the young mom. They pointed out that Doreen deserved the stretch marks for wanting many children and that her body looks “disgusting.”

Other women would easily be upset and insecure if they received such negative comments about their body. However, Doreen chose to go after the trolls who wanted her to feel bad about her stretch marks.

The brave mom has no problem sharing images of her stretch marks on social media.

It took some time to accept her body but Doreen now embraces her scars.

Doreen shared another post that targeted people who had horrible things to say about her body.

“I see a lot of people commenting calling me ‘ugly’ and ‘it makes me very sick so much so I want to throw up,’ Some men said it was all the woman’s fault for wanting to have so many kids. Do you have any respect for the women of the world? Your mother? Your wife? And a woman who can afford to have children?”

This is certainly a fierce mom nobody should mess with. Kudos to Doreen for her empowering posts and for promoting body acceptance for mothers everywhere.

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