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Racer Girl Pranks These Impatient Driving Instructors With Her Insane Drifting Skills

They have no idea she’s a professional women’s motorsport racing champion.


So, today’s your first day on your new job and you’re all canned up on how things might end up with the meet and greet with colleagues and clients eh? Well, you know what they say, a little ice breaker will do you some good. However, would that still be harmless if say 2 gallons of adrenalin rush be enough for a head start?

Remember when you’re always told that you owe everything you learned from the four corners of your classroom? Well, these driving instructors might firmly contest that as what she learned, she learned it from the wild caliber of racing and drifting!

professional racer girl pranks driving instructors

These driving instructors thought they were just beating the summer heat when they hop in her pimped car whom she claims to be her brother’s. Well, the cover up of a nerdy gal with a next-to-doom fashion statement definitely got them fooled as they thought it was the end of the line for all of them.

It was only after the supposedly “test drive” that her true identity was finally revealed. Meet Malaysia’s very own professional racing champion and renowned drifter Leona Chin who has bagged several championship titles in several divisions across the globe.

Watch the Epic Prank:

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I hope innocent Chin gets an A+ anyway she could just send them tickets to the next Fast and Furious movie! Haha!


10 People Who Learned Not To Mess With Human Statues The Hard Way! #4 Deserved What He Got!

Just because human statues remain still doesn’t mean that we can mess with them!

Each time I see street artists pose like statues, I can't help but be amazed at their make-up skills and in how they can keep so still. These artists usually choose a spot with a lot of people, like parks for example, and stand there motionless for hours. People often do not realize that these "statues" are humans - until they get the scare, or in some cases, the punch of their lives.

The images below show the different reactions of both passers-by and human statues. If there's one thing that we can learn from these people, that is not to mess around with living statues.

Check out these 10 people who immediately learned their lesson.

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This Applicant FREAKED OUT In the Middle of a Job Interview. What She Saw? HORRIBLE!

This must be the SCARIEST job interview ever! OMG…


Feeling nervous and uncomfortable during a job interview is just normal. It's really hard to stay comfortable while trying to focus your attention to the interviewer while hoping to make a great impression. But what if you encounter a very nerve-racking distraction just like the one in this video?

These applicants are secretly filmed by a hidden camera while in the middle of an interview. It was a tense moment as the interviewer started asking questions. When suddenly, the applicants saw something terrifying out of the window that made them panic and they started freaking out. Thankfully, it's just a very clever prank by a new line of ultra reality TV. I feel really sorry for these applicants for having to experience such an ordeal, but the video is definitely cool and quite hilarious. Although some are saying this is a little bit cruel. Find out why and judge it yourself.

Watch the video:

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His Neighbor Wouldn’t Turn Down His Music. So He Pulled The Most Epic Prank Using a Magic Wand!

Now that is how you get back at someone… with magic!


I think most of you will agree that all hardworking employees’ desire after a week-long stressful and exhausting work is to stay at home in order to rest and relax over the weekend. But what if your neighbor started to make some very loud noises which you could clearly hear? Quite annoying, isn’t it?  Well, if you already experienced it, I really sympathize with you. It is even worse than being at work hurdling to meet your deadlines. No kidding! You are tired, restless and sleepless and all of a sudden, as you are about to start closing your eyes, imagining yourself in a cold and soothing place, you heard those annoying and very loud sounds caused by your neighbors. That is just horrible!

Unfortunately, it is a common thing especially if you are in a crowded area where houses are built side by side.  You should have expected it already. The only thing you can do is to deal with it. Otherwise, look for a place with nicer, respectful and peaceful neighbors which you can only do if you have the resources.

Just like Jose, the man in the video. He has encountered a neighbor who was playing loud music every weekend! The music was too loud that he could actually hear the lyrics of the songs. He has already confronted his neighbor to lower down the volume of his sounds, but to no avail. Hence, he decided to deal with it by himself using a magic wand (and definitely not any type of computer hacking). Jose gleefully gets some justice with just the wave of his magic wand.

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