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This is Probably the Dumbest Thing You Can Do at the Gun Range!

This is proof that not all people are smart enough to handle guns.


Handling guns is serious business. Whether you’re a professional using guns on a regular basis or a casual hobbyist using guns for leisure, you should never skimp on safety when handling firearms. Whatever you do, don’t be like this guy in the footage below. Like seriously!

In this video, two men can be seen in a firing range. One man is presumably the gun instructor or a friend while the other could be a student. But one thing’s for sure, the second guy is a casual gun user.

Besides, no professional could be as dumb as to do what he did.

Source: YouTube

He checks the gun, turns it this and that, and does the stupidest thing one could do while holding a firearm – he points the pistol AT HIS HAND. He may have been checking if the gun is working or not, but there’s no reason at all to point it at his hand.

What if it accidentally shoots, right? Well that’s exactly what happened here.

I can only imagine the agony the man was in with a shot-up hand.

Watch here and see for yourself:

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You can also say that the other guy can be blamed for the accident as well. He just stood there watching his companion point the pistol at his hand. Any sensible gun user would have advised against it. He had to witness his companion shoot his own hand, which is as stupid as it can get.

Gun Safety 101: Always remember the basic rules:
  • Assume that all guns are always loaded
  • Never point a gun at anything that you do not want to shoot
  • Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot
  • Know your target
  • Maintain your gun at minimum level of readiness

If you can’t be bothered to observe these rules each and everytime you hold a gun, you have no business handling firearms at all.


Teenager ‘Pronounced Dead’ Wakes Up In Coffin While Headed To His Funeral

Imagine the horror of waking up inside a coffin!

It’s dreadful enough to imagine being buried alive. So think about the horror of waking up inside a coffin while on the way to your own funeral. That would be a total nightmare and that’s exactly what happened to 17-year-old Kumar Marewad from Managundi village in Karnataka, India.

Authorities have confirmed that Kumar was alive after all. Relatives of the teen were surprised when they saw the young man’s eyes open and he started breathing hard while they were on the way to his cremation ceremony.

Kumar was bitten by a stray dog in January and he developed high fever sometime in February. He was then admitted to the hospital. There was no improvement in his condition and he had to breathe through a ventilator.

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Man Spends $50,000 on Over 100 Surgeries to Transform Into ‘Genderless Alien’

Vinny Ohh vows to keep undergoing plastic surgery until he looks like a “genderless alien.”

If you think nothing can shock you anymore, you better think again. Vinny Ohh — a makeup artist in Los Angeles, California — has revealed that he wants to transform into a "genderless alien." He's only 22 years old but Vinny has already undergone around 110 plastic surgery procedures so that he could look like an extra-terrestrial being.

You see, Vinny believes he's neither male nor female. Thus, he wants his look to reflect exactly how he feels inside.

Vinny Ohh views this look as pretty rather than scary.

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Disturbing Online Game is Under Investigation For Being Linked to 130 Teen Suicides

Warning: distressing content.

An online game is currently being investigated for apparently being linked to more than 130 suicide cases among young people in the past months. Called the Blue Whale, the social media game encourages participants to finish a set of 50 tasks, most of which are self-harming.

According to a post by the Siberian Times, authorities are now investigating Blue Whale after two teenage girls died in Russia. Reports say that Yulia Konstantinova, 15, and Veronika Volkova, 16, took their lives in an apartment block in Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region.

15-year-old Yulia Konstantinova committed suicide after posting the picture of a blue whale on social media and posting ‘End.’

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