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Police Officer Buys Homeless Man Food After Seeing Him Digging Through Trash





The internet is praising a Salt Lake City detective for extending an act of kindness to a less fortunate citizen. While most people in the United States see police officers as being without any sympathy, Detective Overman is being praised for his mercy and compassion.

The police detective was spotted helping a homeless man he found digging through the trash looking for food. A citizen then took a snap of Detective Overman buying lunch for a fellow Utahn who was down on his luck and posted it on Facebook.

Jonathan Allen, who witnessed the heart-warming incident and posted the photo on Facebook, wrote:

“Today I saw this officer buy a hotdog for the man on the right. Prior to the man being at the officer’s side, he was diving into a trash barrel in hopes of finding food. The officer saw him in need and went outside: ‘Hey dude! Let me get you a dog.’ I don’t know the officer’s name, but thanks for extending this friendly act of kindness to less fortunate citizens of Salt Lake City.

What made this moment even more special is the fact that Detective Overman had no idea that someone was watching. It appears that he did what he did because that’s what his heart wanted to do, and not because there were eyes watching him.

The Salt Lake City Police Department then took to Twitter to thank Detective Overman for being a great example to the community:

“We are proud of our officers and the compassionate service they offer our community every day! Thanks, Det. Overman for being a great example and buying a meal for this man!”

Some corrupt and abusive officers have ruined the trust and respect of the people for the authorities. However, Detective Overman is reminding everyone that there are definitely a lot of good cops out there who are willing to help the community and make it a better place for all.

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