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Plastic Surgeon Dad Operates On Daughters Since They Were 10





A plastic surgeon and his wife adopted two girls. The dad is pretty confident with his skills that he gave one of his daughters her first surgery when she was just 10 when she does not like her belly button that is turned inside out.

Right now, the two daughters, Charm and Brittani Nicole, are regulars of their dad’s clinic in Orange County, California to get various operations like breast enhancements, nose jobs, and botox. These operations were all performed by their father. Dr. Michael Niccole prioritizes “beauty” due to his profession.

Sisters Brittani and Charm Niccole went under the knife since they were 10.

Charm waited until she was 25 to get breast implants. Her sister has gone for it when she was 18, although she wanted to go under the knife since she was 15.

“When I graduated high school, Dad surprised me by saying, ‘I’ve scheduled you in to have your boobs done next week.’ I was so excited.”

However, Brittani’s addiction to becoming perfect has not ended. When she was 21, she went for a nose job. Meanwhile, Charm said;

“Out here, cosmetic surgery is a normal part of everyday life. Since I had my boob job, all my friends tell me that I look great.”

While their father has always been supportive of their desire to enhance their features, their mother, Penny, is not always thrilled with the idea. She said,

“I didn’t want them to think they could just turn to surgery every time they didn’t like something about their appearance. I worried that — with it being so readily available — they could become addicted to plastic surgery.”

They went to their father’s clinic to get botox

The parents of two girls assure their daughters are not all about looks and said that they look after their health. Thus, they will not be relying on surgery that much.

The surgeon claimed that he does not influence his daughters to get surgery. However, he said that the girls grew up in an environment where beauty is essential.

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