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Pixar Film ‘Kitbull’ Is The Heartwarming Story Of A Sad Pitbull And A Stray Kitten





Pixar certainly knows how to hit us in the feels. The studio’s latest short Kitbull follows a pitbull being forced into dogfights and then finds an unlikely ally in a defiant stray kitten. The friendship between the two lonely creatures will warm even the coldest of hearts.

Disney Pixar released the short film as one of the featured stories on SparkShorts. Kitbull is less than nine minutes long. Nevertheless, the story of a street-wise kitten and an unfortunate pitbull is packed with subtle scenes that send you on an emotional rollercoaster. The short reveals how friendships can spark from the most unexpected places and sheds light on how animals deserve to be treated.

The kitten initially doesn’t like the dog in ‘Kitbull’.

Source: Disney Pixar

Kitbull opens with a feisty grey kitten taking a tiny fish from a store. Although the shop owner tries to call him back, the kitten runs away and settles into a box he considers home. Soon, his safe place is invaded by a large white pit bull who is constantly burdened by a heavy chain. The kitten eventually realizes that the dog is just as lonely as he is and they band together to find a better life.

The description for the short reads as follows:

“‘Kitbull’, directed by Rosana Sullivan and produced by Kathryn Hendrickson, reveals an unlikely connection that sparks between two creatures: a fiercely independent stray kitten and a pit bull. Together, they experience friendship for the first time.”

The two unfortunate creatures finally realize they need each other.

Source: Disney Pixar

Netizens are applauding Kitbull for highlighting how dogfighting has a horrible effect on animals. It is clear that the pit bull only wants to be loved but is forced to fight for his life. Hopefully, the short will persuade people to be kind to all kinds of animals including pit bulls that are usually associated with aggression.

Watch the full film here:

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