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Awesome Dog Pulls Teen Out Of Vehicle After Shocking Car Crash

Nobelle Borines





All dogs are truly special but one awesome pup has proven that she is truly one-of-a-kind. The brave pooch was involved in a car crash that would have left her confused and panicking. However, the dog managed to pull a teenager out of the vehicle and save both their lives.

Athena is a rescue pit bull adopted by the Lenotte family who clearly has a deep bond with her human brother Isaiah Lenotte. The two grew close when Isaiah’s older sister moved out to attend college and he would spend plenty of time with Athena. Amazingly, the bond between dog and teen was tested on one fateful day.

Athena’s act of bravery may have saved her brother’s life.

Isaiah had decided to bring Athena with him on a fishing trip. Although the day seemed perfect, things took a turn as they were driving home. Isaiah admitted that he started feeling faint and somehow lost control of the vehicle.

“It wasn’t until I hit the tree that I blacked out,” he said. “I woke up right after to the car filled with smoke from the airbags and half in water. I then proceeded to try and get out of the car, as I thought it might’ve been on fire.”

Unfortunately, Isaiah had trouble getting out of the car. He decided to let Athena out first and that’s when the dog took control of the situation.

“I opened the rear right-side passenger door and was then pulled out by Athena,” Isaiah said. “She slipped out of [her leash] while pulling me out of the Jeep but stayed by my side even though she wanted to get away from the car as bad as I did.” 

The vehicle was badly damaged by the accident.

Getting Isaiah out of the car wasn’t the only awesome thing that Athena did that day. She continued protecting her brother despite being shaken by the accident.

Athena refused to leave Isaiah’s side although his mother Jennifer had arrived and tried to keep her away from the confusion. Amazingly, the dog only allowed herself to be separated from Isaiah when paramedics arrived.

Athena and Isaiah pose with the Jeep.

Luckily, both Athena and Isaiah only sustained minor injuries. The two have since been reunited after the accident and the teen is truly grateful to have such a brave dog. “I couldn’t be more thankful for such an amazing companion,” he said.

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