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Critics Are Saying Toy Story 4 is Racist For Having “No Black Lead Characters”




  • Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story 4 is being slammed by critics for allegedly lacking diversity.
  • According to a writer, the movie is racist and anti-feminist.
  • Fans are defending the film, reminding haters that it’s a children’s movie about talking toys.

Toy Story is definitely one of the most successful animated franchises in film history. Aside from introducing groundbreaking animation when it was first released in 1995, the Pixar movie also gave us iconic characters we’ve all grown to love.

Its latest installment, Toy Story 4, is a continuing proof of that love as the film has likewise been well-received by worldwide audiences, much like its predecessors. In fact, it currently has a score of 98% in Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer, with many fans hailing it as “truly heartwarming” and a “necessary addition to the franchise.”

And then, of course, it also has its share of bashers.

Toy Story 4 has no “black lead characters,” ranted one critic.

Case in point, one female writer from the UK has recently bashed the new movie saying it is racist and anti-feminist, among others.

Stella Duffy took it upon herself to rant on Twitter about how Toy Story 4 only had “white toy leads”

In an interview with BBC Radio 4, she further complained:

“Yes, there are black actors, but they are yellow and they are green and they are plush! How can (Disney) possibly think that it’s alright now?”

Also, Bo Peep is not really a strong “feminist” character, according to Duffy.

“She’s still going to fall in love, she’s still going to have the happily ever after, that’s not feminism,” said the writer.

Meanwhile, a Good Morning Britain also featured two women with opposing views about the film.

One of the guests, Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who also disliked the lack of representation said that it is “diabolically ignorant” for parents and adults to “miss the essence of the backlash Toy Story is receiving.”

Watch the debate here:

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Understandably, fans also defended the movie and expressed disagreement with the critics’ opinions, saying Toy Story is, well, just a story about toys.
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