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Two Dogs Catch Huge Salmons In The River





Pit bulls are known to be strong and fearless. They have this great physique and fierce aura that can make anyone scared and apprehensive upon coming close. We think they have that really powerful instinct and natural sense to be all so robust.

In this video we found, two pit bulls were seen running across the river, chasing what seem like a big fish. Further into the video, the dogs carried with them and brought to the shore huge salmons, not just once but multiple times. According to the owner of the dogs, she was not with them when this event happened. Instead, it was her friend who was there with the dogs. The owner said she believes this should not be performed by anyone and that she and her friend are not in speaking terms anymore because of this. The owner also claims that the fish were returned to the water for them to die naturally and to be fed into the wild.

Watch the video here:

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Credits: Ken Wiesner

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