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Guy Instantly Regrets Asking The Internet for Free Photoshop Help





With the countless examples of people getting trolled after asking for some Photoshop help, you would think that everyone’s already aware that doing that is such a bad idea.

But no. There are still some gullible folks out there who think that maybe they’d find a Good Samaritan with Photoshop skills who will help them out and do image adjustments for free.

Like this guy who took it to 4chan to ask for a photo fix where he is shown standing next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the caption, he wrote “guys could you fix this for me?”

This guy posted his photo on 4chan, hoping someone would fix it for free.

photoshop help fail 1

Source: 4Chan

As you can probably imagine, things got really hilarious from there. This is what happened:

#1. Now you’ve got super powers, bro! In other news.. Oops, sorry, wrong building!

photoshop help fail 2

Source: 4Chan
#2. Okay. There. Fixed!

photoshop help fail 3

Source: 4Chan
#3. Technically, he did touch the structure on this one.

photoshop help fail 4

Source: 4Chan
#4. High five!

photoshop help fail 5

Source: 4Chan
#5. Awesome pose.

photoshop help fail 6

Source: 4Chan
#6. Now he doesn’t have to travel to Eiffel Tower anymore.

photoshop help fail 7

Source: 4Chan
#7. Sorry but not sorry.

photoshop help fail 8

Source: 4Chan
#8. David and Goliath, anyone?

photoshop help fail 9

Source: 4Chan
#9. The headless tourist.

photoshop help fail 10

Source: 4Chan

If we can learn something from this, I’d say it’s two things. First, you have to be very specific with your request. Second, no one likes a freeloader.

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