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Photographer Shows How Our Phone Addiction is Slowly Stealing our Souls





A photographer has embarked on a project to show how our gadgets are sucking our souls out of us as we continue our seemingly neverending quest to “connect” to the world.

How much attention does your smartphone or tablet hold for you? Or does it have a total and absolute grasp of you completely? French photographer, Antoine Geiger shows how our phone addiction steals our souls in a shocking series of images:

Imprisoned by electronic devices…

1117 antoine geiger 1

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger

The photo series, titled “Sur-Fake,” takes a closer look at our smartphone dependency, and how the mass subculture of gadget addiction has taken us into a virtual “out of body experience,” alienating us from the real world, and leaving us faceless drones devoid of personality…

Its a beautiful day…but does this guy care?

1117 antoine geiger 2

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
Neither does this lady apparently…

1117 antoine geiger 5

Photo credit:
Forever “connected”…to the exclusion of all else.

1117 antoine geiger 9

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
A typical date for the young and upwardly mobile…

1117 antoine geiger 3

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger

Geiger, a 20-year-old artist who uses photography as his medium, has lived in various European countries, including England, France, and the Netherlands, and in a span of an eye-awakening two years, he has observed how addicted people are to their phones and gadgets, leaving very little room for anything else in their lives…

…making their phones the be-all and end-all of their existence.

1117 antoine geiger 10

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
Never mind the Mona Lisa, we’re here to take selfies…

1117 antoine geiger 6

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
Priceless works of art around them, but only a few are truly interested…

1117 antoine geiger 7

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
If these youth are the future of the human race…then we are seriously f*cked.

1117 antoine geiger 8

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger
At the entrance to The Louvre, one of the world’s most historic museums…but first, selfie!

1117 antoine geiger 4

Photo credit: Antoine Geiger

Antoine Geiger, who like artist and photographer, Max Cavallari, focuses on the negative impact and damaging influence of technology on our lives, has already had four exhibits of his work in France the last two years.

Are you one of these blurry, faceless people, too?

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