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Anti-Vaxxer Pharmacist Who Destroyed Hundreds of COVID Vaccine Is Also A Flat-Earther




  • Wisconsin pharmacist Steven Brandenburg was arrested after deliberately destroying hundreds of Moderna vaccine doses.
  • He also believes that the Earth is flat and that the sky is a “shield put up by the government.” In a letter.
  • Brandenburg eventually expressed regret over what he has done, blaming lack of sleep and a “very contentious divorce.”

46-year-old Steven Brandenburg was arrested in early January for destroying almost 600 doses of a Covid-19 vaccine. Apparently, the pharmacist from Wisconsin intentionally spoiled the Moderna vaccines by removing them from the clinic refrigerator.

The reason behind the ridiculous act? Well he apparently believed they were “not safe for people and could harm them and change their DNA.”

Steven Brandenburg, 46, believes the coronavirus pandemic is fake – and that the Earth is flat!

Now reports are telling us that Brandenburg is also a flat-Earth conspiracy theorist who is telling others that the sky is actually a “shield put up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing God.”

In a 26-page document by the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), we learn that a co-worker has heard all about Brandenburg’s strange beliefs.

“Some of the conspiracy theories Brandenburg told [the coworker] about included: the earth is flat; the sky is not real, rather it is a shield put up by the government to prevent individuals from seeing God; and Judgment Day is coming,” said the document.

Moreover, the same colleague ended up alarming law enforcers about Brandenburg when he was spotted carrying a 45-caliber gun at work. He later explained that he brought it just in case the military “came to take him away.”

FBI Special Agent Lindsay Schloemer likewise shared:

“Brandenburg thinks that the vaccine is ‘microchipped’ and will turn off people’s birth control and make others infertile.”

Watch the video report here:

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Brandenburg later admitted to his wrongdoings, putting the blame to sleepless nights and a “very contentious divorce.”

“My actions were inexcusable and I deeply apologize for the harm I have caused,” he said in a letter.

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