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Health Worker Fired And Arrested For Intentionally Spoiling 500 Covid-19 Vaccines




  • A hospital worker in Wisconsin has been fired and arrested after he intentionally wasted 500 doses of Moderna Covid-19 vaccine.
  • The said employee reportedly ruined the doses by taking them out of refrigeration.

A pharmacist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin ended up getting fired from his job and arrested by authorities after intentionally ruining 500 doses of Covid-19 vaccine. According to reports, the health worker – who remains to be unnamed at the moment – spoiled the doses by taking them out of refrigeration.

The said pharmacist was a worker at the Grafton-based Advocate Aurora Health. Cops eventually took him to custody on “suspicion of reckless endangerment, adulterating a prescription drug, and criminal damage to property,” a report said. As of this writing, the culprit’s motives is still unknown.

Jeff Bahr, Chief Medical Group Officer of Advocate Aurora Health Care, said that 57 vials of Moderna vaccine were brought out of refrigeration on Christmas Eve and then were placed back in and taken out once more on December 25 into December 26, rendering them useless. The doses would have been used to inoculate 570 people.

On the morning of December 26, 57 people received their first dose of the vaccine.

“The 57 have been notified,” Bahr told the media. “There is no evidence that the vaccines posed any harm to them other than being potentially less effective or ineffective.”

Furthermore, they are currently coordinating with Moderna so they can receive guidance about how to proceed.

“Moderna reassured us there are no safety concerns with administering a vaccine that has been out of the fridge too long. We will partner with them and the FDA to figure out a strategy on the future vaccination of the affected 57 individuals,” added Bahr.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin Health Secretary-designee Andrea Palm said they are working with Aurora Health officials as they “investigated the situation, reviewed their processes and implemented improvements.”

“It is disappointing that any Covid-19 vaccine was wasted in Wisconsin,” she lamented.

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