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Fascinating Video Shows Painstaking Process of Creating Handmade Globes

With painstaking attention to detail, this company produces handcrafted globes that are as beautiful as they are educational.


Remember how fascinated we were with globes as a youngster? I myself have fond memories to share. I can recall I used to sit around with my friends as we look at the globe displayed in our classroom. We’d test our young minds’ knowledge, trying to locate countries for fun.

Fast forward to the future though, globes are no longer as interesting as they used to be. Many adults see them simply as classroom or office objects that are added to make a table look less dull. Globes, especially the store-bought ones, have become boring.

Well, Peter Bellerby of Bellerby & Co. begs to differ. If you will look at the globes they produce, you’ll probably agree with them that globes are actually far from boring.

Meet Peter Bellerby – artisan globemaker.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 1

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
Bellerby and his employees create globes that are absolutely captivating as they are educational.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 2

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers

It all began when Bellerby couldn’t find a good globe that he can give his dad for his 80th birthday. He decided he’d instead make two – one for his father and one for him. It took a lot of work but eventually, he pursued the idea and built a business around it.

Bellerby works with “a small team of trained globemakers” to create high quality handmade globes that are equally attractive and unique.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 3

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
The globes are made from durable plaster, resin, solid brass, sustainable wood, and other fine materials.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 4

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
Each globe is handcrafted according to the buyer’s specifications.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 5

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
According to Bellerby, “Each globe is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order.”

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 6

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
“Customers can choose to dictate the color of the ocean and land, and to highlight cities they have been to, or want to go to.”

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 7

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
The company has since become recognized as one of the top handmade globemakers in the world.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 8

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
Each globe goes through a painstaking process that starts with using a computer to get the map done right.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 9

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
Next, is the goring or the process of cutting the paper into strips and applying it to the globe.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 10

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
This process should be done with extreme care and accuracy.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 11

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers
After goring, details and other features will then be added by artists to give the globe its distinct textures and depth.

peter-bellerby-handmade-globes 12

Photo credit: Bellerby Globemakers

Bellerby declares:

“It is an immense feeling of pride and you can stand back and admire what has taken so long to complete.”

Watch this short film about Bellerby here:

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You can visit Bellerby & Co.’s official website for more information. You may likewise follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated about the company.



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