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Man Uses Cardboards and a Bike To Build a Replica of Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS





Using cardboard, aluminium foil, and PVC, artist Hannes Langeder was able to build a pedal-powered replica of Porsche Ferdinand GT3 RS. Branded as the world’s lightest Porsche weighing at about 220 pounds as well as the slowest at a top speed of 10mph, the replica car is considered as a bicycle which can be legally driven on public roads.

Special features of the “car” include massive air inlets and a rear wing. The base of the vehicle is made of steel-frame.

It took Langeder 6 months and cost him £10,000 to create the mock Porsche which he built as a “socio-environmental” statement. According to, the unique handmade creation aims to mock the culture of consumerism.

“It is treated like a bicycle by the law and I wanted to show that a car needed no fuel,” the 45-year-old artist told The Daily Mail UK.

Currently, Langeder’s work of art is on display at the Museum of Art Linz in Austria. Check out how Langeder was able to build a Porsche replica from scratch.

The artist used this as the luxury car’s starting material.

Photo credit: Little Things
Using a cardboard, Langeder built the frame of the mock Porsche.

Photo credit: Little Things
He then used PVC pipes to make the vehicle’s frame.

Photo credit: Little Things

Photo credit: Little Things

Photo credit: Little Things
The tedious painting job begins.


Photo credit: Little Things
Of course, Langeder didn’t forget to add some hood and headlights.


Photo credit: Little Things
Here’s his final product!

Photo credit: Little Things


Photo credit: DailyMail
Watch the car in action here:

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