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30 Times Pet Owners Regretted Leaving Their Pets Home Alone

Coming home to your beloved pet after a long day at work is a priceless feeling. Dogs jumping up and down with excitement and cats purring their heart away as you turn that key and enter the door to your house – those who have pets will definitely be able to relate to this.

There are also times when our pets surprise us after being left alone at home. Unfortunately, these surprises may not be the sweet and heartwarming kind, because almost always, it’s something unpleasant.

This hilarious compilation of images from BoredPanda will show us how pets can wreak havoc in our homes when left alone. Check them out and see how many you’ll be able to relate to.

1. Caught in the act but does not give a f*ck.

2. "Woke up to this disaster this morning and now the cat is high as sh*t. I ain't even mad."

3. Thug life.

4. Peek-a-boo!

5. Oops! Busted!

Source: Reddit

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