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Video Shows How Easy It Is To Make The Perfect Steak





One of the secrets for a perfect steak is to test the doneness of the meat. There are two basic ways to test it. You can either use a thermometer or just the tips of your fingers. Most experienced chefs preferred to use the finger test since the thermometer approach might cause a certain amount of juices in the steak to escape as you poke a hole into the meat.

Fortunately, I found this video that shows the easy steps of using the “finger test” method. Probably, you have been using the method of pressing on the meat lightly but with this technique, you can be more confident of checking out the doneness of your meat. Of course, you won’t be able to master it immediately but it will surely get easier with practice. I have tried it myself and I am pretty sure I will perfect it in time.

Watch the Video:

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The next time you will cook or grill a steak, try doing this method and enjoy a perfect meal!
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