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Watch People’s Reaction When A Homeless Man Tried To Steal Some Foods.





Here’s a moral question for you: What would you do if you were asked to watch someone’s food at a restaurant, then a homeless man tried to steal it while the owner was in the restroom?

Two young Russians living in Sweden staged this exact situation to see how people would react if a hungry, homeless person tried to steal the food they were supposed to watch over.

The social experiment was set up with a hidden camera at a McDonald. One man played the role of an ordinary customer while the other man played the part of a homeless person.

When the “customer” leaves his table to go to the restroom, he asked the people from the next table to watch over his foods. Then enters the “homeless” man who tried to steal the food.

Watch the different reactions of People:

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The two men explained:

“We had to put people in this situation since many choose to ignore homeless people otherwise. Here, they were forced to confront the homeless man. There is no right or wrong here but as human beings, we try to promote compassion to our kin.”

Many of the people tried to shoo the homeless man away from the food even as the homeless man pleaded to them, saying he’s hungry. There are also some people who actually reacted violently, they slapped the food out of the hungry man’s hands.

Surprisingly, there were some people who displayed compassion. Instead of allowing the customer’s food to be stolen, they offered to either give the hungry man their own lunch, or buy him a cheeseburger. What’s even more amazing was that, even another homeless man offered the actor a chicken nugget, even if he didn’t have much food himself.

What about you? In all honesty, how would you react if you were in that situation?

Credits: NormelTV

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