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Youngsters Play an Awkward Game of ‘Truth or Drink’ With Their Parents





As much as we want to be totally and brutally honest with our parents, there are certain topics that just seem too inappropriate to discuss with them. I mean, how would you feel or react if one of your parents asked you when you lost your virginity? Even if your parents are totally cool with discussing intimate stuff, would you feel comfortable answering that question?

How about if you’re the one asking your parents about their favorite sexual position? Ugh! The mental picture! Besides, would you really want to know?

Such topics are more fun and far less embarrassing if you’re just talking to your friends, especially when alcohol is involved, right? Well, I guess that’s why “Truth or Dare” and “Spin the Bottle” became popular among middle school and college kids. (Don’t worry, I bet your parents played these games before too). You can answer questions truthfully or fabricate the truth without traumatizing your friends. But what if you and your mom or dad can play a game similar to these and also drink some booze for free? Would you do it?

Cut Video came up with a totally crazy and funny idea. A few parents and their adult children were invited to participate in a game called, “Truth or Drink”. The rules are similar to “Truth or Dare”, but with a twist.

The rules: the parent and the son/daughter get to ask questions and whoever is supposed to answer will either tell the truth or drink! Pretty simple, huh?

All the questions asked in the video were really straightforward, and how the parents and their sons and daughters answered them really cracked me up!

Watch the hilarious video:

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I would have drunk the booze instead of answering the questions! How about you? Tell us what you think of this video by writing in the comment section.

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